Although there are 10,000 kinds of storage boxes, but the size is fixed, every time you want to find a suitable one for your home, you have to search the entire network.

At this time, I think if there is a substitute, it can be customized according to the size of the home like a custom cabinet! Unexpectedly, there are such things, let’s talk about it in this issue.

What do you need to organize without a storage box?

Customized acrylic, as the name suggests, is to make the acrylic board into the size and shape required for home storage through customization.

Acrylic is also known as plexiglass, commonly known as “transparent plastic”. At present, there are many non-customized finished products in household application scenarios, and cosmetic storage boxes are the most used.

What are the advantages of custom acrylic?

The biggest advantage comes from customization, because the caliper can be scaled. This means that you don’t have to find a suitable storage box, and you can still adapt to local conditions to make storage objects that are completely suitable for your own home, including storage boxes, storage boards, etc., dust covers, etc.

Once fully suitable, custom acrylic will not be like a storage box. Wherever it needs to be moved, it will become a fixed storage tool for the family, which can reduce waste and have a longer use time.

Other advantages come from the acrylic material itself:

High light transmittance meets one of the pursuits of storage: it is clear at a glance, such as in the use of a wardrobe, when storing common clothes, when you need to lock the position of the clothes at a glance, if you use a custom acrylic storage box at home, you can quickly find it.

The good processing performance, the reason why it is customized acrylic, not customized PP plastic, customized ABS, is because acrylic itself has strong processing performance, which can be thermoformed and machined.

Other characteristics such as abrasion resistance, heat resistance, easier dye coloring, environmental protection and odorless, make acrylic material fully suitable as an ideal material for household storage boxes.

Which home scenes are suitable for acrylic customization?

The above picture has actually shown two scenes, one is the partition inside the drawer, and the other is the closet.

In addition, there are more ways to play with acrylic customization:

The same is a partition, which can be used in the cabinet. In the picture, it is used above the oven to store bakeware. The storage space is doubled and it is easy to access.
The piping under the gas water heater is ugly, custom-made acrylic board to cover it, and you can even print your favorite patterns.
If you have something you cherish and need to be protected from dust, you can customize an acrylic dust cover to protect it without affecting your appreciation.
There is also an important scene, like this kind of decoration that leaves large gaps or uneven places. If you don’t want to waste space, you can use custom acrylic to make use of these spaces.

The picture is Sumitomo Lancet, customized by acrylic, made a trash can, and used the originally vacant corner. By analogy, it can also be made into racks, storage boxes, etc., specifically for these strange gaps.

If you open your mind and customize acrylic, there are more wonderful ways to play.
In addition to storage, there are people who like the texture of acrylic so much that they have specially customized acrylic paintings with a proper appearance. After all, the most familiar thing about acrylic materials is the acrylic advertising fonts.

Why is there no big fire in custom acrylic?

At present, the acrylic customization industry is relatively mature in the field of public decoration, but it is still a game of experts in the field of ordinary home decoration.

Now if you want to use custom acrylic for storage according to your own size, the first difficulty you face is that you need to draw and mark the size by yourself. This is no small challenge for ordinary people.

There are two ways to make acrylic customization become completely popular.

One is that, like whole-house customization and cabinet customization, the focus is on offline, and designers are equipped so that designers can design corresponding storage solutions according to the differences of each home.

The second is that because the storage of supplies is not complicated in itself, just like IKEA’s cabinets, a full-size comb is made, pre-produced, and commonly used sizes and shapes. Then the easy-to-use entry-level matching software is launched. Users can create orders according to their own sizes, save costs, improve production efficiency, and are more suitable for storage customization where the unit price is not high.

Looking forward to the next 10 years, who can notice this undivided cake and surprise everyone.

Which storage can not be replaced by custom acrylic?

Of course, although there are all kinds of good custom acrylics, we have to stay awake, some storage is completely unnecessary to customize acrylic.

First, if there is no special requirement on the size, the customization cannot be mass-produced, which means “expensive”. For some substitutes that can be found and no special requirements on the size, the finished product is a good choice.

Post time: Jan-13-2021