Transmitting 92% of all visible light no other product offers better light transmission – not even glass.  Add to this its excellent resistance to outdoor weathering (we guarantee that no significant change in visual appearance or physical performance will take place during thirty years outdoors), its high tensile strength and rigidity, light weight and good resistance to impact .it is easy to see why  Clear is the product of choice for applications requiring critical visual performance and durability.

Other key properties of acrylic Clear include:

  • A high gloss, hard surface acrylic is one of the hardest thermoplastics and remains aesthetically attractive for much longer than any other plastic sheet products
  • Safety  acrylic is internationally recognized as a safety glazing material meeting the requirements of ANSI Z.97 and BS 6262
  • Easy to clean – the high gloss surface of acrylic makes it easy to clean, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum
  • Excellent environmental credentials acrylic is an efficiently produced, non-toxic pure material with a long service life.

Post time: Aug-17-2020